Serum Blue line revitalizing aloe vera.

Lotions and vials

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Lotion with Aloe Vera rinse for treated, dehydrated and / or split ends This treatment is particularly suitable for repair and dehydrated treated hair, protects them, feeds them, leaving them shiny, light, soft and easy to comb. Aloe vera contained in it performs a action strongly restructuring and cementing. This makes the hair its shine and natural body by increasing the volume giving it shine.
10 VIALS of 10 ml - Cod 38207

regenerating Cream

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Into HEALING CREAM with Aloe vera
Combats the negative effect of chemical treatments on the hair structure by closing its scales and excessive porosity, restoring them to their natural conditions and thus shielding them from sfibramenti and split ends.
150 ml tube - Cod 38955
500 ml jar - Code 38948

Cream shampoo

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Into CREAM SHAMPOO revitalizing hair treated, dehydrated, with split ends Aloe Vera ESSENTIAL IN ALL THOSE TIMES THAT NEED TO WASH THE HAIR GIVING THEIR VOLUME AND SHINE It 'a restoring treatment particularly suitable for dehydrated and treated hair, protects and nourishes the hair, leaving it shiny, light, soft and easy to comb. Aloe Vera contained exerts a strong restructuring and cementing, this makes the hair its shine and natural body, it increases the volume, restoring shine. Thanks to betamine and the amides contained in it and in the presence of ampholytes not ionizzatisi (ie which do not release electrically charged particles) avoid the unpleasant phenomenon of electrified hair. The use of derivatives collagens, with their buffering action makes the Cream Serum New Blue shampoo particularly indicated for daily washes and in all those cases where not achieved satisfactory results, ideal for frequent washing detergent or with very hard water. PACKAGING:
Bottle 250 ml Code 38801
Bottle 500 ml Code 38795
Bottle of 1.000 ml Order 38788
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