Fresco line refreshing frizz.

Lotions and vials

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Lotion for oily hair with herbal extracts
Lotion adjuvant to combat and prevent hair loss, based on natural extracts stimulants such as nettle,  dandelion, sage and rosemary; revitalizing as: linden mallow and chamomile. Very useful in cases of oily hair, restores strength and vitality to the bulb weakened. It facilitates the re-growth of the hair. New Fresh lotion is packaged in boxes of 10 applications from 10 ml each, to ensure the best preservation of product and consequently its properties.
10 VIALS of 10 ml - Cod 38863

frizz cream

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REFRESHING CREAM FRIZZY with plant extracts
Anti-frizz cream, detangling, revitalizing specifically for hair that has undergone alkaline treatments especially as conditioning, bleaching, dyeing, perming, etc.. When you play sports that require frequent washing of the hair. Remove residues chlorine after swimming in the pool and the salt residue after swimming and sun exposure. We recommend the use in combination with other products in the New Fresco.
150 ml tube - Cod 37378
500 ml jar - Code 37408

Cream shampoo

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CREAM SHAMPOO for oily hair with herbal extracts
New Fresh Cream Shampoo is a good adjuvant to combat and prevent hair loss, based on natural extracts stimulants such as nettle, dandelion, sage, rosemary and revitalizing as: linden, mallow, chamomile, refreshes and stimulates giving strength and vitality to bulb weakened. Facilitates the natural regrowth of the hair. Ideal for frequent use while engaging in sports. Indispensable use in the treatment with the lotion Fresco.
Bottle 250 ml Code 38870
Bottle 500 ml Code 37415
Bottle of 1.000 ml
code 37392

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