Zinco Sulfur specific for dandruff very intense.

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ZINCOSULFUR CREAM SHAMPOO for hair with dandruff very intense zinc-based and sulfur Shampoo cream Zincosulfur is highly specific against dandruff and excess fat. Associate surfactants and amphoteric surfactants to the beneficial action of sulfur and zinc, substances effective in the treatment against dandruff persistent excess fat and skin. Conditioning agents make it able to deep clean the skin without damaging the structure of the hair remains shiny, not electrified and easy to comb. Our scientific research has produced then, Shampoo with cream Zincosulfur, a truly balanced, its correct usage and dosage allow him to develop its action with great effectiveness. Features: Ideal in your hair with excessive secretion of sebum, also associated with hair loss. E 'also indicated as a cleanser for all those skins prone to flaking skin and impurities. Zincosulfur occurs in pasta. It can also be used in the most critical cases, such as detergent, in lieu of soap.
Jar 150 ml - Code 9752
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