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No ammonia

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What to expect from a hair coloring ? A bright and long-standing color, but also a “SOFT” action so that the hair is not stressed, dried up and remain soft and shiny. Aware of this, the Laboralori Alan Jey have created ECO STAR COLOR with a formula based on color and hair care; it avoid breaking the hair, gives a long lasting and brilliant effect, thanks to a high concentration of pigments with extracts of aloe vera, panthenol and vitamins, while protecting the beauty of the hair. Our philosophy of life is to offer the hairdresser a great product that meets both the needs of customers as well as his health. Thus we offer the customer a better service, healthy hair, shiny, hydrated, long-lasting, total coverage and easy use for the hairdresser.
ECO STAR COLOR cream dye without AMMONIA
PACKAGING: Tube 100 ml - Cod. 999

With sweet almond oil

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ECO STAR COLORS have a natural base. Do not worry if during the treatment time, the color take a dark look. After washing, in fact, will return to the desired shade. However, it is important to remember not to rinse the hair before the treatment time and always make uniform the basis of application, specifically in small areas, with the "etching" technique while in the large area "repigmentation." technique.   Protective and active ingredients: Aloe Vera, Pantothenate, Vitamins. Benefits and results: multifunctional coloring, self-cleaning, minimizes unwanted reactions such as redness, burning, scaling, itching, does not lose the color. Contains Aloe Vera, Panthenol and Vitamins for the protection of hair and skin, gives body to fine hair, gives shine and softness, improves the condition of porous hair, lightens up to 4 shades, guarantees a 100% coverage of white hair, using direct reflections. ECO STAR COLOR cream hair dye
PACKAGE: tube 100 ml - Code 666

Color gel without ammonia

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Gel for delicate colors, but covering.  Thanks to its thickener can make it creamy and applicable as the hair dyes in cream. 
Ensures bright colors. 
ECO STAR COLOR dye gel without AMMONIA 
PACKING: bottle 150 ml - Code 888

Emulsified perfumed hydrogen peroxide

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PACKING: bottle 1000 ml - cod. 9822

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