Fito Meta line with panthenol B5.


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Alan Jey laboratories have created the FITO META color, with a formula based on color and hair care. The tests performed in our laboratories show that our dye protects the hair against the natural and chemical aggression. It makes it less porous and less permeable to water, prevent them from breaking, gives a bright tonality and long lasting, thanks to a high concentration of pigments, with extracts of aloe vera, pantothenate and vitamins, while protecting the beauty of your hair. The range of FITO META hair dye allows to satisfy every need of color, it is composed of many nuances.

Oxidising emulsion

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Thanks to its advanced formula, the emulsion oxidant FITO META, allows to obtain a homogeneous mixture that during the application does not run. 
10 volumes to obtain coverage of the natural bases to fix the color and maintain the level chosen on hair.
20 volumes to cover 100% white hair, to lighten 1 or 2 shades of natural hair.
30 volumes to lighten up to 2/3 shades the level of natural base.
40 volumes to lighten up to 4/5 tones the basic level of natural base.

Care products

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CONDITION CREAM WITH PANTOTHENATE is an excellent nourishment for all types of hair, leaves them soft and revitalized.
PLACENTA LOTION - with placental extracts is a hair treatment that helps to prevent and combat hair loss.
ENERGY TRISS LOTION – fixative lotion, tonic, polish, scented and used for each type of drying.
ENERGY ROYAL JELLY LOTION – nourishing lotion, rich in vitamin B and minerals that strengthen the hair and help regrowth.
PANTOTHENATE LOTION – nourishes the brittle hair and demineralized giving softness and shine.
ENERGY NETTLE LOTION – lotion rich in minerals, vitamins and proteins, particularly suitable for oily hair prone to dandruff.
ENERGY ROSEMARY LOTION – indicated treatment for brittle and dull hair, prone to fat.
ENERGY LOTION GUARANA’ – energizing lotion, vitalizing for all types of hair.
ORCHID LOTION – helps to prevent and combat the hair loss.

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