shaping gel finishing products.

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GEL UNISEX EXTRASTRONG Fixer wet effect. Due to its formula rich in natural plant extracts constitute an exceptional cosmetic treatment for hair that need volume. Non-greasy, leaves hair soft and shiny, to comb. Used on damp hair a good base of support for both male and female hairstyles.
PACKAGING: Tubo 150 ml - Cod. 32953 - Vaso 500 ml - Cod. 39301
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GEL UNISEX ExtraStrong with LCD This gel is a superb instrument of styling. Active ingredients soften and smooth the hair. Give them complete control for easy hairstyle wet effect. The New Gel Extra Strength Liquid Crystals non-greasy, leaves no residue and can be eliminated with a few strokes of brush. At the base of the performances of this gel, agents Fixing claim combing, ensuring a coiffage Ultra powerful, ultra stable and super strong, super nutritious, super protective last long and leaves no unpleasant residues.
PACKAGING: Tubo 150 ml - Cod. 38887
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