Laboratori Alan Jey Italia

Laboratori Alan Jey

Laboratoti Alan Jey born in 1975 and gets into the market as a specialist in the manufacturing of hair products and cosmetics on the behalf of third party.

All these years the company has had a great development through continuous investment in research, in plants and manufacturing facilities. The philosophy that supported them was the careful research and the constant quality of the products offered to customers in a spirit of openness and collaboration.

We are constantly updating with both raw materials and equipment.

Being distinctive is now the primary formula to win and be attractive in an increasingly selective and complex market. For this reason Laboratori Alan Jey adopted a simple but effective philosophy of great quality, attention and appreciation of its products.


Do you own your own brand?

I Laboratori AlanJey offer, throughout the vast production assortment, also products with the customer's brand


  • Professional hair dyes and from resale;
  • Various volumes and bleaches of oxygen;
  • Creams and hair conditioners;
  • Lotion in vials;
  • Gel;
  • Liquid crystal;
  • Products upon request.

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    Complete lines

  • For the hair loss prevention;
  • Treatments for Oily Hair;
  • Dandruff treatments.

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    All products are made in the Laboratori AlanJey