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Lotions and vials

LOTION to prevent hair loss Facilitates the natural regrowth, eliminates the fat and dandruff. Despite being on the market for over twenty years, Benedetti treatments lotion and shampoos, remain at the cutting edge of products to combat the hair loss. We are not doing miracles, but we combine simple and natural substances in a mixture which result is extremely efficient. For this reason the salicylic and benzoic acids together with all vegetable extracts each with its own function, are currently the best for effective results. New Benedetti Plus Lotion is packed in boxes of 10 vials with 10 ml each, to ensure better conservation of the product and consequently its properties.

10 VIALS of 10 ml - Cod. 32403

Regenerating cream

The lotion Benedetti Plus stands out from similar products on the market because of its basic structure. As is known the hair has a cylindrical shape, its body is covered with a corneous layer called cuticle formed by many small keratin scales; the more these scales are adherent, the more the hair is shiny. These scales open in presence of a basic substance on the contrary they close in the presence of an acidic product. This property is exploited using creams to acidic pH range that with their action allow to obtain hair that reflects better the light and consequently appears more shiny. This is the action of almost all the lotions on the market that makes hair shiny, but apparently is not internally regenerated because the contact with soured lotion the cuticles close and do not allow to regenerating properties to penetrate into the inside cortical layer. Using the Benedetti Plus, something different happens; being a basic substance it helps to open the scales allowing to regenerate properties and to penetrate into the cortical layer of hair. This explains its revitalizing action. Only subsequently and this is the great peculiarity of Benedetti Plus, the PH becomes acidulous helping the cuticular scales to close down and to leave the hair shiny and regenerated.

150 ml tube - Cod. 38900
500 ml jar - Cod. 38894

Shampoo cream

SHAMPOO CREAM for all types of hair, Shampoo adjuvant helps the natural regrowth and prevents the hair loss. Its eudermic features explain the use of shampoo cream for all hair types.

500 ml bottle - Code 38757
1.000 ml bottle - Code 38740

Amphoteric shampoo

AMPHOTERIC SHAMPOO FOR NORMAL AND DRY HAIR Shampoo New Benedetti Plus was created to give support to the treatment New Benedetti Plus Lotion. New Benedetti Plus shampoo is specific to deep cleanse, prepares the scalp to receive and make the most of the anti-hair loss lotion New Benedetti Plus’s action. Benedetti shampoo can be used on any type of hair, even if for its characteristics is particularly suitable for dry, treated or normal hair.

250 ml bottle - Cod. 32601
500 ml bottle - Cod. 36975

SHAMPOO WITH ZINC AND SULPHUR The shampoo with zinc and sulphfur is highly specific against dandruff and fat excess. It combines the amphoteric surfactants to beneficial action of sulfur and zinc, effective substances for the treatment ag Conditioning agents make it able to deeply clean the skin without damaging the hair structure that remains bright, not electrified and easy to comb. Our scientific research has produced then a truly balanced shampoo and its correct use and dosage allow to develop his action very effectively.

250 ml bottle - Cod. 32700
500 ml bottle - Cod. 36968

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