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Midollo line nourishing damaged hair

Lotions and vials

LOTION strengthener for dry hair, damaged, devitalized, the colored Bamboo Marrow The bone and bamboo 'a natural substance that has given exceptional results in the restructuring of the hair cuticle. Used in synergism with the mineral salts makes all those organic substances which the body of the hair need of it. At the same time cheratinizza the outer layer (cuticle) and restores the scales deteriorated. Unsurpassed for hair Chemically treated. It gives a great support for all hairstyles.

10 VIALS of 10 ml - Cod 33905

Restructuring cream

RESTRUCTURING CREAM at Bamboo Marrow The restructuring cream to Bamboo Marrow is the result of thirty years of experience on the problems of the scalp. Its formula is carefully calibrated, can achieve outstanding results. Detangling, softening, antistatic, revitalizing, compact split ends and eliminates salt residues and chlorine after swimming and sun exposure. It is formulated with extracts nutrients and vitamins. The extracts of Bamboo Marrow give the hair shine and softness. It is anti-static and thus facilitates combing the hair protecting it from chemical attack and climatic conditions.

150 ml tube - Cod 39747
500 ml jar - Code 34704

Cream shampoo

CREAM SHAMPOO with moisturizers and nutrients to hair dry, brittle, devitalized, colored. The Marrow of bamboo is a natural substance that has given exceptional results in the restructuring of the hair cuticle. With its specially formulated cream shampoo bamboo marrow makes moisturizers and nutrients that nourish and strengthen the bulb. Regular use makes the hair soft and shiny. It is recommended that the next application of the Restructuring Cream Bamboo Marrow.

Bottle 250 ml Code 38719
Bottle 500 ml Code 37514
Bottle of 1.000 ml Order 34100

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