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Placent'Alan vitamin line anti-hair loss

Lotions and vials

PLACENTAL EXTRACTS LOTION to prevent and combat hair loss.

Placent'Alan is an adjuvant treatment to fight hair loss is the unique that synergize the action of placental extracts with those derivatives of bovine’s aorta. Indeed it has been demonstrated that the placental activity having to use term placentas is not sufficient by itself to perform the oxygenating and nutritious action to her assigned. It is therefore necessary to create a situation as similar as possible to placental state 4th / 5th month; stage where its nutrient capacity is at most, getting ready to nourish a fetus already great though not enough to impoverish its nutritional capacity. The derivative of bovine aorta reintegrates the possible deficiencies and allows the placental extracts to fully perform their functions. Placent'Alan lotion is put on the market in boxes with 10 vials of 10 ml and this is because this packaging allows to keep intact its functional capabilities. The oxygenating properties and the hair bulb of Placent'Alan are obtained with the method Wollburg, it only need three or four applications to have the best proof of its effectiveness, simply by running a hand through hair. Placent'Alan treatment can be done at any time of the year with excellent results, it being understood that the fall and spring are the best seasons.

10 VIALS of 10 ml - Cod 38214

Regenerating cream

HEALING CREAM to placental extracts

The Placent'Alan regenerating cream combines the well known quality of the cream Alan Jey action healing soothing and revitalizing placental extracts. Used on dry hair brittle, weak with fall, produces an exceptional regenerating effect noticeable from the first application. Combats the negative effect of chemical treatments on hair structure by closing its scales dilated and excessive porosity, restoring them to their natural conditions and shielding them so 'to tricoclasie and split ends.

150 ml tube - Cod 38924
500 ml jar - Code 38917

Cream shampoo

Into CREAM SHAMPOO order to help prevent and combat hair loss, enriched with placental extracts Cream shampoo Placent'Alan contains a rich system of lipid components of type sebosimile with lipo-restorative purposes. Exerts an understanding functional softening of particular benefit to the hair weak, with stunted growth and tiring or for the weak and / or dried by external agents. New Placent'Alan cream shampoo is the ideal cleanser to prepare the skin for subsequent treatments with Placent'Alan lotion thanks to its action orthodermic and delicate. INDICATIONS: For the hygiene of the hair atrophied and deteriorated and what treatments placental preparation.

Bottle 250 ml Code 38733
Bottle 500 ml Code 38771
Bottle of 1.000 ml Order 38764

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