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Security, innovation and color


Full range of permanent color to full coverage, intense and natural, carefully studied and assess to ensure the safety of our consumers; enriched with Argan oil.

The healing area includes various protective treatments also without SLS.



The hair colouring has always been the main product in beauty salons. Being present with a high performance product is mandatory for a company that wants to grow with its customers. Fleir is an exceptional coloring hair system, because it combines the color service with the protection of the hair and the nourishment with argan oil.

Fleir is a highly covering color and long lasting, the brightness is given by the innovative formula enriched by argan oil.

Full range of colors.


Restructuring treatment in vials.
The potential of argan oil, panthenol (vitamin 85) and the mineral salts contained in this treatment, help to solve the problem of damaged and demineralized hair, giving softness, shine and vitality. Nourishing the capillary fibers, fight against split ends and dryness.

Package of 10 vials of 10 ml

Anti-hair loss treatment in vials.
Lotion adjuvant for the preventive treatment of hair loss. Facilitates the natural regrowth, eliminates fat and dandruff. Formula rich in plant substances and vitamin can nourish the root and fortify the hair fiber avoiding hair loss.

Package of 10 vials of 10 ml


Fast-acting bleaching powder for streaks and bleaching. Thanks to its formula that respects the hair despite the opportunity to lighten up to 7 levels, this product offers a full or partial discoloration with a good result. It is available in bags of 30 gr.

It is available in sachets of 30 gr and jar of 500 gr

500 ml Resale shampoo

Shampoo ristrutturante - Nourishing, protective
Shampoo grassi – Re-balancing, purifying
Shampoo Minersal – Revitalizing, protective
Shampoo Post tinture e permanenti – Shine effect
Shampoo Pantenolo – Hydration protection with Vitamin B5
Shampoo anti-caduta – Strengthening, alleviates the problem of hair loss. FREE SLS
Shampoo anti-forfora – Enriched with sulfur, helps to normalize dandruff formation

1.000 ml Professional shampoo

Shampoo Riparatore – Nourishing for dried and dry hair FREE SLS
Shampoo Lavaggi Frequenti – Ideal for frequent use, gently cleanses. FREE SLS
Shampoo Pulizia Intensa – For a perfect cleansing. FREE SLS

500 ml Mask

Melone – nourishing, rich in vitamins.
Fragola – velvety, untangling, invigorating.
Carota – vitaminic, nourishes and protect the hair.
Ananas – emollient.
Ciliegia – vitaminic, ideal for dried and damaged hair.
Ricci – revitalizing, reduces the frizz.
Colorati – enhances the brilliance of color.
Extra-volume – volumizing, special for fine hair.
Cocco – emollient.
Mandorla – nourishing, soothing.
Lavanda – purifying, antiseptic.

Keratin treatment

Shampoo Ideal for damaged, fragile o thin hair. Ensures a gentle cleansing, ensure a protective action, restructuring.
Package: vial of 1.000 ml and 500 ml

Mask with nourishing and softening action. Restructures in depth, giving strength and tone. Ideal for frizzy and damaged hair.
Package: jar of 500 ml

Treatment Protective capillary lotion, specifically created to extend the beauty of the hair. Giving strength and elasticity, with its potential of the keratin that penetrating in the cortex of the hair, nourishes and hydrates it.
Package of 10 vials of 10 ml


5000 ml ARGAN OIL.

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