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Line of professional products specific for curly hair of MEN and WOMEN. Curly hair needs a lot of hydration to remain voluminous. Their propensity to frizz is due to poor hydration.

Define your hair as Curly, Wavy or Wavy giving them the right elasticity and softness, avoiding the formation of frizz and without weighing them down.

To care for curly hair it is essential to follow some steps:

* wash your hair no more than twice a week, using the PERFECT CURLS SHAMPOO, which regulates the hydration rate thanks to the potential of the hyaluronic acid contained which prevents the water dispersion.

* provide hydration and avoid frizz by using the PERFECT CURLS MASK. Apply after shampooing and leave on for a few minutes, then rinse. The curls will appear regenerated and knot-free.

* revive curly hair. When your hair appears tired and brittle, you need to nourish it to restore vitality to the waves, with the PERFECT CURLS FLUID, rich in natural oils that nourish frizzy and dull hair. Apply a small amount of product to the palm of your hand and rub into towel-dried hair tips and lengths. Do not comb and proceed with drying. Defined curl result, spring effect, with long-lasting action.

* dry your hair: we recommend doing it naturally or using a microfibre fabric. Attention to heat sources.


Shampoo 500ml

hydrating, anti-frizz, for hair which require an elasticising action and disciplining. It gives volume to the roots giving the hair looks full and shiny. Contains HYALURONIC ACID, APPLE and LINSEED.

Mask 500ml

hydrating, detangling. Formulated to have wonderful elastic and soft curls. Deeply hydrates to transform curly and unruly hair in healthy and shiny hair, thus limiting the unwanted frizz effect. Already from the first applications it will be one regenerated and knot-free hair, not weighed down. Contains HYALURONIC ACID, HEMP and SHEA BUTTER.


Fluid 150ml

Defined and elastic curls, with a spring effect. Rich in natural oils that nourish dull and frizzy hair. Sculpts and defines the curl with a strong and luminous effect at the same time elastic, without weighing down the hair, with an action of long duration. WITHOUT RINSING. Contains COCONUT OIL, JOJOBA, ALMOND, WHEAT GERM, ARGAN, SUNFLOWER, SHEA BUTTER.

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